Forum on Conservation and Harvest Planning for Fraser Salmon


The Forum on Conservation and Harvest Planning for Fraser Salmon was developed as a process for Fraser River and Vancouver Island/Marine Approach First Nations to provide input to DFO on sharing Fraser River fish stocks for Food, Social, and Ceremonial (FSC) purposes. The first push for such a process was initiated in 2007, when DFO attempted to conduct an in-season conference call with Fraser First Nations to discuss the sharing of a limited harvest of Fraser sockeye. In early 2008, DFO sponsored the first in-person meeting to discuss FSC sharing.

While no formal arrangement has yet been established in the Fraser watershed, since 2008 the Forum has evolved into a process that provides opportunities for First Nations to meet at both Tier 1 (First Nations only) and Tier 2 (First Nations and DFO) levels. Fisheries management issues, along with other potential issues for each fishing year, are addressed through this process. Vancouver Island First Nations with an interest in Fraser River salmon also participate in these meetings.

The Forum planning process is guided by the Forum Planning Committee (FPC).

The Forum process comprises the first step in what should be a multi-step consultation process to address DFO’s stock and harvest management plans, which could potentially affect aboriginal fishing rights. The completion of a full consultation and accommodation process would occur at a local level.

Forum meetings are generally held three times per year.

Terms of Reference

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