Forum Handouts and Presentations


February 4-6,2020 Richmond



FSMC Presentation
Big Bar Presentation
IFMP Priorities and Feedback
2019 Fraser Chinook Post Season Review
2019 Fraser Pink and Sockeye Post Season Review
2019 Fraser Chinook Summary
Fraser Sockeye and IFR Coho Considerations
Fraser and Interior Area 2019 Creel Summary
Background Information on Fraser Sockeye and Pink Salmon


Letter to FPC and JTC

March 12-14,2019 Kamloops


Day 1 Presentations

2019 Fraser Sockeye and Pink Forecast
Proposed Sockeye Escapement Plans
2019 Steelhead Management Options

Day 2 Presentations

2019/2020 Draft IFMP – Key Priorities
Fraser Salmon Management Council Presentation


Action Items from January 29-31
SARA Scematic
Supplement to accompany Key Management Considerations for Sockeye
Supplement to accompany 2019 Fraser Sockeye draft Escapement Plan
Southern Resident Killer Whale Update
2019 Chinook Feedback Summary
IHPC Chinook Feedback Letters 1

January 29-31,2019 Nanaimo


Day 1

SARA Scematic
JTWG Update
Integrated Fisheries Management Planning for 2019
2019 Chinook Management Actions
Update on the Fisheries Act Review and Program Revitalization
Information on Contribution Programs related to Fisheries Habitat

Day 2

Pinniped Research Program
2019 Steelhead Management Issues


Action Items from December 2018 Forum – updated January 18, 2019
Post-orbital length for Harrison River chum – 1995 to 2017
Tier 2 Minutes – December 2018 Forum
Summary of Feedback Received by DFO in consideration for the 2019/2020 Southern BC Salmon IFMP - January 17th 2019
Letter – Canada’s approach for Southern Coho Salmon under the PST – Nov. 21, 2018
Questions and requests from Advice – Fraser sockeye, pink and coho – Version One January 29

December 18-20, 2018 Forum on Conservation and Harvest Planning

Action Items and DFO Responses from December 2018 Forum


Agenda Dec 18-20, 2018
Day 1 Post-season Presentation Fraser Chinook, Coho and Chum Salmon **amended Dec. 12, 2018
Day 1 - Post-Season - Fraser sockeye
Day 2 Post Season Presentation from C&P
Day 2 – 2019 Fisheries Planning


Fraser River Chinook Background Information
Fraser Sockeye Information (an overview)
2018 Creel Survey - Marine
Pictorial summary of FN0428 Announcing Chinook Management Measures for 2018
SARA Listing Process – Regular and Emergency
2018 Fraser River Fishery Summary for Forum
2018 FIA Preliminary Creel Results
IFMP Letter re time lines and priorities

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PDF icon Pinnipeds_Presentation to Forum on Conservation & Harvest Planning for Fraser Salmon_Jan30 2019.pdf3.03 MB
PDF icon Day 1 Fisheries Act Review Update Habitat Provisions.pdf203.65 KB
PDF icon Day 1 Info on G and C Habitat Presentation.pdf719.61 KB
PDF icon Final Coho PST ER update domestic Nov 2018.pdf227.12 KB
PDF icon Day 1 2019 Fraser River Chinook Conservation Measures.pdf2.36 MB
PDF icon Action Items from December 2018 Forum Meeting.pdf280.12 KB
PDF icon Final DRAFT-V2 Fraser Forum TIER 2 Meeting Notes Dec 19-20 2018.pdf215.37 KB
PDF icon Questions for Forum 20190121.pdf140.59 KB
PDF icon Summary of Feedback SC IFMP Jan-17-19.pdf858.14 KB
PDF icon Harrison chum lengths summary 1995-2017.pdf64.32 KB
Image icon SARA Flow.gif77.63 KB
PDF icon JTWG Update (28-Jan-2019).pdf485.19 KB
PDF icon Pre-season Planning and IFMP Priorities for January Forum.pdf229.02 KB
PDF icon 2019 IFR Steelhead Management.pdf374.23 KB
PDF icon 20190128 Action Items.pdf239.11 KB
PDF icon 2019 Fraser Sockeye Forecast.pdf2.12 MB
PDF icon Agenda - Mar 12 14 FORUM - Final.pdf167.46 KB
PDF icon Day 1 2019 IFR Steelhead Management.pdf609.38 KB
PDF icon SARA Graphic 20190205.pdf629.66 KB
PDF icon Day 1 Proposed Sockeye Escapement Options.pdf261.39 KB
PDF icon Questions for Forum Sockeye 20190312 Final.pdf288.81 KB
PDF icon Supplement to the Draft IFMP Escapement Plan Options 2019- Final.pdf362.18 KB
PDF icon Day 1 2019 Fraser Sox and Pink Forecast.pdf1.75 MB
PDF icon Southern Resident Killer Whale Handout.pdf573.13 KB
PDF icon 2019 Mar 13 - FSMC Fraser Salmon Management Agreement Presentation.pdf687.1 KB
PDF icon Draft IFMP - Key Changes - Forum - Mar. 8 2019-updated.pdf798.31 KB
PDF icon Draft IFMP - Key Changes - Forum - Mar. 8 2019-updated.pdf798.31 KB
PDF icon Chinook Feedback Summary Mar-5-2019.pdf316.74 KB
PDF icon IHPC Chinook Full Letter Feedback Package 1.pdf5.17 MB
PDF icon Final Draft Agenda - Richmond Feb 4-6 FORUM.pdf266.52 KB
PDF icon 2019 FR CN Post-season Review.pdf1.64 MB
PDF icon 2019 FR SK PK Post-season Review_final_20Jan2020.pdf1.09 MB
PDF icon 2019 Fraser River Chinook Summary for the FORUM.pdf568.04 KB
PDF icon Considerations for Forum 20200123.pdf511.3 KB
PDF icon FIA Creel Update 2019.pdf206.61 KB
PDF icon Fraser Sockeye information for forum 20200204 Final.pdf137.5 KB
PDF icon 2020 01 22_FSMB Letter to FPC JTC_Pre-Season Planning.pdf103.58 KB
PDF icon 20200124_FSMC ppt FINAL DRAFT.pdf451.29 KB
PDF icon Jan 2020_BigBarUpdate_trilatversion_Final Jan 31.pdf3.8 MB